Another focus of our counselling activities is competition law – competition law as such being an interface to other areas of law, e.g. distribution law or IP law.

Companies are regularly faced with the question of whether their planned marketing and advertising activities are in line with legal requirements. This is even more true in regulated industries or for products which are potentially dangerous for users. It is equally important for companies in their everyday business to react to aggressive or illegal activities by their competitors in a swift and effective manner.

Through many years of experience we have acquired profound technical know-how and extensive litigation experience. Together with our special expertise when it comes to solving international matters, we are well prepared to achieve optimal solutions for our clients even in complex cases.

On the one hand, we focus on prevention, e.g. by thoroughly assessing and advising on the legal permissibility of planned product launches, marketing activities or by drafting and negotiating contracts that are in line with applicable competition law. On the other hand, we are well versed in forensic work and support our clients for instance in cases where they are faced with unjustified warning letters or where they need to enforce their legal position vis-à-vis other market participants.


Overview of our key areas of activity in the field of competition law:


  • Legal assessment and advice on advertising and marketing activities
  • Advertising and distribution over the internet
  • Drafting and negotiating of advertising and cooperation agreements
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Litigation (including preliminary injunctions / injunctive relief) and arbitration
  • Trainings and seminars