Compliance is more than a buzzword.

Compliance aims at preventing unlawful behavior within a company and thus is an integral part of good corporate governance. Compliance is a key instrument in terms of monitoring all relevant processes within a company and ultimately a tool to minimize risks.

Through an effective compliance system a company’s management fulfills its duty to ensure lawful behavior of both the company itself and of its employees. In case of statutory rules and regulations being violated the existence of an effective compliance system can help reduce resulting liabilities of the management. The law of several states as well as a variety of governmental authorities acknowledge the existence of a compliance system and weigh this as a positive factor in favor of the delinquent company which can help reduce liability. Last but not least, today also customers and suppliers expect and require the existence of suitable compliance rules and processes within a company.

We assist our clients

  • by determining the applicable statutory and other laws and regulations,
  • by evaluating suitable and required measures,
  • by implementing such measures into the internal workflow of the company,
  • by ensuring that all employees are aware of the compliance rules,
  • and by ensuring that all employees follow and abide by these rules.


It is our objective to find pragmatic and tailor-made solutions for each specific company. Any compliance system can only be a success if it fits the company’s corporate culture, duly considers existing workflows and is accepted by employees.

Starting from the demand which we determine together with our clients, we evaluate which are suitable compliance measures. Such measures can be trainings in regular intervals, services like a compliance hotline offering advice or the setting up of a whistleblower system.

In cases where a violation of legal rules and regulations is detected, we assist our clients upon their demand by conducting internal investigations, by reviewing and legally assessing the results from such investigations and by – jointly with our clients – determining the specific need for action.

Overview of our key areas of activity in the field of compliance:

  • Assessment of specific demand
  • Drafting of internal guidelines respectively a Compliance Codex
  • Drafting and implementing of reporting systems (e.g. compliance hotline)
  • Planning, coordinating and conducting of internal investigations, national and international
  • Legal assessment of the results of such investigations
  • Crisis communications
  • Liaising with officials and authorities
  • Trainings and seminars