We have comprehensive expertise in all areas of IT law.

There is no doubt that Information Technology plays an important role in ensuring the success of an enterprise. However, the use of IT resources always has a legal dimension. Constant technical progress and the concomitant development of the data protection regulatory framework, pose major challenges to companies in the IT sectors (such as software developers and IT service providers), and in general to enterprises.

Based on our technical knowledge and legal expertise, we advise and assist our clients with the drafting of up-to-date and legally sound agreements under IT law, introduction and maintenance of software, acquisition of hardware and procurement of IT-related services. We provide legal advice on all issues relating to data protection law in day-to-day business and in the framework of IT projects. Furthermore, we provide assistance to our clients during the course of establishing IT compliance, thus with regard to the fulfilment of legal requirements pertaining to data protection and security.


Overview of our key areas of activity in the field of IT law:

  • Legal support in IT projects and transactions (e.g. outsourcing, post-merger-integration, agile software development)
  • Cloud computing and SaaS (operator concepts, cloud agreements, SaaS agreements, data protection and data security agreements)
  • Review and drafting of IT agreements (software development and licensing, system agreements, maintenance of data, support, license agreements, SLA)
  • Advice to decision-makers in connection with IT compliance, data protection and IT security (data protection concept, procedure index, agreements on order data processing in Germany and abroad)
  • Trademarks, utility models und business name rights on the Internet (domains, keywords)
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Litigation (including preliminary injunctions / injunctive relief) and arbitration
  • Trainings and seminars