Dr. Fabian Breckheimer


Rechtsanwalt / Fachanwalt für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht (Attorney-at-law (Germany) / Specialist Attorney in International Commercial Law)




Dr. Breckheimer studied law in Trier and worked there for three years after graduation as a Managing Assistant at the Institut für Umwelt und Technikrecht (Institute for Environmental and Technology Law). He prepared a dissertation on liability law during this time.


Dr. Breckheimer has practiced as an attorney since 2008 and has been a specialist attorney in international commercial law since 2015. From the start, Dr. Breckheimer has specialized in national and international commercial and distribution law and all related legal questions. He advises medium-sized businesses as well as corporate groups and associations inter alia on all legal questions related to the purchasing and distributing of goods and services.


He has been the co-author of Business and Corporate Law for juris AnwaltsZertifikatOnline since 2012 and the co-author of International Commercial Law for juris Praxisreport since 2016. He publishes regularly on current issues of commercial and distribution law in professional journals and holds lectures on these topics.


Practice Areas:
National and International Commercial and Distribution Law; Distribution Antitrust Law; Law on the General Terms and Conditions; Contract Law; Compliance, esp. Sales Compliance; National and International Arbitration Law.


Languages: German, English


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